Enrichment sessions – 30 minutes – £15

Enrichment session and walk – 60 minutes – £25

Puppy training package – 30 minutes – £15

Training visits – 30 minutes – £15

Mental stimulation workout! – 30 minutes – £20

Dog nose go! session – 30 minutes – £15


Details of services:

Enrichment sessions – 30 minutes – £15 :

Structured, regular home visits to your dog while you are busy or out at work, delivering bespoke training, fun and games to mentally stimulate and entertain your dog. Perfect addition or alternative to dog walking. Training, play and love!!


Enrichment session and walk – 60 minutes – £25:

Enrichment session as above, followed by walk outside, continuing with the structured training.


Puppy training package – 30 minutes – £15:

All basic training taught from ‘wait’ to ‘find it’ – taught in kind and fun way. Your puppy will have the best puppy education and your relationship will benefit from improved communication for life. A set course of structured, regular visits.



Training visits – 30 minutes – £15:

Home visits to deliver 1:1 training with your dog, resulting in behaviours that you can then apply with my support.


Mental stimulation work out! – 30 minutes – £20:

Intense home visit session filled with fun training games and activities to enthral your dog and get them tired out by using their brain! These sessions can be irregular, as and when you need them, if you feel your dog could do with some entertainment as you are busy or out of the house.



Dog nose go! session – 30 minutes – £15:

Sessions dedicated to training your dog to use their nose to search for a scent. This is tremendous fun (for both of you!), and extremely tiring for your dog. This is an activity that once your dog has learned through training, you will be able to enjoy it together for life!

Dog nose go! Milo as a beginner:

Dog nose go! Milo advanced: