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Amanda Cunliffe with 12 year old Border Terriers Bertie and Grouse – “Dogginess provides the highest quality of life …. its stimulation, training, exercise and love for dogs all rolled into one – cant speak highly enough of it ….I have two 12.5 year old terriers who were getting old and slowing down quite noticeably – since Dogginess has been providing mental stimulation to them 5 out of 7 days a week while we are working they have brightened up visibly – they are more alert , sleep less, seem happier generally and seem young again ! At first the training made them quite tired but now they are bouncing full of energy and up to mischief all day long again like they used to be – they really look forward to Dogginess’ visits each day during the week and Sophie now gets a bigger welcome than we do ! Its the best money I’ve ever spent !”

Jo Bale with 3 year old Springer Spaniel Archie – “Dogginess enriches your dog’s life immeasurably. It provides mental stimulation and fun, improves their wellbeing and gives you a dog who is focused and because of better communication a better understanding between dog and owner.  All done with love, kindness, passion and fun!

Tutoring by Dogginess has exceeded our expectations. In just a few short weeks Sophie and Archie have achieved so much together. Archie has benefitted from the one-to-one certainly but it’s more than that. Sophie’s methods achieve far more than those used in regular training classes. She works using their natural behaviours and inclinations and in such a way that the dog understands what is expected of them. It has also been very helpful to us that she shows us what she has been working on with Archie and tells us how we can carry on with it. Archie, because of Sophie’s calmness, patience and obvious passion for what she does which shines through, has achieved far more things and far quicker than we would have expected.

Archie is mentally stimulated as well as physically exercised each day now. This has resulted in a dog that is far more focused and who wants to listen. He used to be a sock thief but now as we make a game of removing socks on cue he no longer steals them but waits to be invited to play the game as it’s more rewarding. His mischievous side has been redirected into more appropriate behaviour and his impulse control is far stronger which means we are not constantly trying to retrieve things from him that he shouldn’t have. He now wants to play with toys with us as he knows that is more rewarding than taking them off to play with them by himself as he did before. Being with us is a high value place to be and we are fun to be with and interact with, which is obviously a lovely thing for us.

Sophie has tailored a programme based on our dogs individual needs, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ programme. She works with Archie’s strengths and indeed weaknesses too. Her training plan is both stimulating and appropriate for him.”

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