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Sessions: Sessions are 30 minutes long, aiming at maximum effectiveness for learning.

Your dog will be toileted, watered and fed as agreed. Sessions will be tailored to the needs of each family and each individual dog’s preference, learning rates and physical abilities.

Initial consultation: Consultations are conducted for each new client, lasting about 45 minutes, in which I can collate from you all the information necessary to carry out the visits in your home safely and find out about your dog’s preferences to make the tutoring most enjoyable and effective.

Availability: Sessions are pre booked and are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, unless otherwise arranged.

Areas covered: Alderley Edge, Chelford, Macclesfield, Mobberley, Knutsford, Wilmslow, Handforth, Hale, Wincle, Lower Withington.

Q – I have two dogs, do you carry out your sessions with them both?

A – The dogs require being worked with seperately for their training at first, then they may be combined at times. The dogs should be able to be separated to wait their turn. The dogs are charged individually and I offer a 10% discount for each additional dog.

Q – Where do you carry out the enrichment sessions?

A – The sessions are carried out in your home and garden in the areas that we are permitted to use. We can establish this in our initial consultation.

Q – Do I have to be present at the sessions?

A – No, you do not need to be present, the idea is that the dogs are provided with some enrichment at times when they would otherwise be under stimulated. You can be present to observe if you wish. If you would like to participate you can enquire about having mentoring sessions.

Q – How will you gain access to my dogs if I am out?

A – You can agree for me to be a holder of your keys securely, or you can arrange for somebody to let me in and out.

Q – My dog is old, he does very little these days, would enrichment sessions be suitable for him?

A – Absolutely! We will work out the activities that he enjoys and go at his pace. In fact, if your dog is less mobile it’s even more important to exercise his mind to keep him stimulated.

Q – My dog is a puppy, can you work with her?

A – Of course! It’s a brilliant to teach a pup HOW to learn, get to grips with the basic cues and a great way to keep them out of trouble.

Q – My dog hasn’t had much training, will she be able to have enrichment sessions?

A – Certainly, we always start at the beginning and work at a pace that makes it enjoyable for your dog. It’s about finding the right balance between challenging them enough to keep them interested, and not making it too difficult that they don’t want to try. We always train for success.