About me

Hi! My name is Sophie, I am the creator and owner of Dogginess, the UK’s first home Enrichment Tutoring service, based here in sunny Macclesfield!

I love dogs, they give me so much pleasure, they put a smile on my face everyday and I am so grateful!

My work with dogs aims for dog owners to get the best out of their dog, and for their dog to get the best out of us! I have been studying canine behaviour and training for 7 years, and am currently completing a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training in association with the University of Hull, leading onto a BSc Honours degree in the subject.

I have hundreds of hours experience training and working with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and owners too! My experience includes instructing pet classes, taking Kennel Club Good Citizen classes and professional dog grooming.

What I enjoy most is the delight in a dog’s face when you ask something of them and they are eager to participate because you have a history of fun and goodies!

At home we have three rescue dogs, two Erin Hound Lurchers and a Staffy cross from K9 life savers. As a family we have previously owned a Staffy cross, an American Bulldog and Rottweilers.

I love to learn, I use science based training techniques. Below are some seminars and training courses that I have completed for professional development in the past 18 months:

FdSc Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training (in progress) 01/09/2014
Reliability and Games workshop 2 day – Dr. Ian Dunbar 12/04/2017
The science of canine emotionality – Dr. Falconer-Taylor 17/09/2016
Education is the key to better welfare – Dr. Falconer-Taylor 16/09/2016
Building co-operation with your dog – Grisha Stewart 21/05/2016
How to change preditory chase behaviours – David Ryan 21/05/2016
Training reactive dogs – Brenda Aloff 16/04/2016
Handling reactive dogs for professionals – Brenda Aloff 15/04/2016
Dog Law – Trevor Cooper 06/02/2016
Canine first aid course – Pets at home 11/11/2015
Canine anatomy and massage – Pets at home 27/10/2015
Beating firework fears workshop – Ttouch 11/10/2015
Emotional life of dogs – Dogs trust lectures 24/09/2015
Dog grooming Level 2 Clip it – Pets at home 28/08/2015
Pros and cons of reward based training – Dr. Ian Dunbar 21/07/2015
Dog grooming Level 1 Prep it – Pets at home 23/05/2015
Calming the conflict – Dogs trust lectures 19/05/2015

Please contact me if you would like to talk…