Enrichment tutoring

How does Dogginess enrich your dog’s days?

I incorporate training into fun activities and challenging games to get your dog’s brain ticking and tail wagging! It is mental stimulation and training at its best!

What are the benefits of enrichment for my dog?

  • dogs wellbeing improves immensely from being given the opportunity to use their brains!
  • the activity and the emotions it produces is thoroughly enjoyable for them! (and for you!)
  • the mental stimulation tires them out more than physical exercise!
  • a trained and mentally exercised dog contributes to better communication and co-operation, resulting in a happier family life!

We have our work, mobiles, internet, books, television; they only have us. Now you can give them more!

See the pleasure for yourself!…

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What is the mental stimulation and training?

The mental stimulation I provide improves self control, coping with frustrations and being able to pay attention and follow directions during high emotions and in distracting environments. Owners have reported their dogs are brighter, more attentive, more cooperative, have better manners, settle down quickly and are happier to relax with them in the evenings.

Teaching dogs using positive reinforcement to be able to carry out cues reliably gives them the confidence to carry out instructions successfully when asked, it practices giving attention, concentrating, problem solving, having self control and coping with mild frustrations. It makes for a family who can communicate effectively, trust each other and co-operate – strengthening relationships.

Are enrichment sessions good for your family?

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You can have piece of mind that your dog is learning and practicing good behaviour each day, he is eagerly looking forward to his daily activity and is left content for the rest of the day. You are at ease leaving him at home knowing that he will be entertained and you can also look forward to receiving your media update from me following each visit,  see your dog’s tail wagging for yourself, something to put a smile on your face during your busy day!